Birthday Shopping – Or Should I Say Hunting

I went to the city today to get stuff for Sabrina’s birthday party on Saturday. She’s going to be 4 ya’ll! Don’t you get tired of parents saying every year how they “can’t believe junior is __ years old already! Where does the time go!”

Yeah. That’s me.

Because the days sometimes seem to crawl by – but the years fly by like shooting stars. And every year my kids gets older- means I too am a year older. And sometimes I think that’s the part that gets me. I’m getting older … fast!

But back to the shopping. So this will be the first year Saby will have a party in Belize. Usually all her friends are gone during the summer but this year all the kids are here on the island – about ten of them -which hasn’t happened since she was born. So we decided it called for a party!

So I go into town to the store called Celebrations. I’ve been here before but only to the reception part of the store to buy New Year’s hats and little party favors but never to by all the whatnots for a kids party. And since you never know what you’ll find in the city – or should I say not find – I didn’t have any specific theme chosen. She asked for pink icing on her cake and lots of balloons and more pink things. I went in flying by the seat of my pants. Well. This was stressful. I will never do this again. Hopefully. The entire store I learned, is about half the size of a Target women’s bathroom. {Did I ever mention how much I miss Target!?} The store had a surprising amount of inventory though. But you have to have a helper. A girl who gets things out for you based on what your theme is and what kind of party – because otherwise you’d NEVER find it on your own. Ever. She’d pull out eight rows of paper Princess cups and tablecloths to reveal these cool light up party favors.

It’s like a hoarder married a party planner.

The way I wanted to shop is what I’d like to say “is what I’m used to” – which means if I were in the states this is how it’d go. Even though I’ve lived here four years and SHOULD be used to the way things are here. I know shopping here is more like hunting. I’m just still in denial I guess.

This was definitely a hunting experience. I wanted a zoo experience. {I drank three beers after I left.}

I wanted to, you know – walk in, mosey around look at options. Take my time deciding what to buy. But this was question and answer and yes and no kind of quick shopping. I either wanted what she showed me or I didn’t. The woman was quite helpful actually. It’d been so long since I had a kid party I forgot all the fun things you could do! So for $90 bucks we got all the goods – her first piñata and all the fun treats to go inside, table deco, all the stuff for eating and drinking, goodie bags, birthday girl gear – you know the drill. We went with the multi Disney princess theme. When I came home and told Sabrina what kind of piñata I got – she threw hear head back and started crying “I wanted a doll shaped one!”. She not ever once asked me for a doll shaped piñata.

So we’re already off to a good start.

I really wanted to make this cool sand pudding and put it into little mini beach buckets with tiny shovels. Thought it would be fun for the kids to play with after. But I couldn’t find anything remotely close. Well I found large and regular sized buckets for the beach. But I know Hobby Lobby or Michael’s has them. Too bad we don’t have those. Not here. Oh well, next year. I bought extra cupcakes instead.

Sure hope the weather cooperates. Our house is too small for everyone to fit inside. Plus 6-8 boys and a few girls running around eating cake and hitting piñatas seems like something that needs to happen outside. I’m a little crazy but not that crazy.

Wish us luck! 🙂  Big Love ❤

Seven Days With A Three Year Old


The last seven days have been great! Our nanny lives on the island with us for 3-4 weeks then goes home to her family (sisters and nieces and cousins) for about a week. I always think I’ll be able to get my work done during these days. Even though I am never able to get my work done during these days. I tell myself during the day that I will get to it when she goes to bed. But I’m too tired to think after she’s gone to bed. So at night I tell myself I will make time during the day while she watches tv. By the time she watches tv I’m just trying to take a shower because I’m covered in marker and glue and glitter. Which is kinda fun, I must admit. There’s something cool about getting in touch with your inner artist with a preschooler’s perspective.

IMG_2517  IMG_2520

But, dang, three years olds are flat out demanding – I tell you – if you don’t already know first-hand. Three is by far a harder age than two. Why? Because they ask why. They have more reasoning skills. Two is hard because they are learning independence and we’re used to them being babies. They begin to defy us. Three is harder because they’re learning to manipulate and lie and avoid consequences. They are devious little things! AND they are the cutest sweetest things on Earth! All at the same time. JUST LIKE TEENAGERS! I have a unique vantage point with Sabrina – I’ve done this twice before and am also through the toughest part of the teenage years. So this Momma knows ALL the tricks. And cherishes all the snuggles.

We watched a great sunset together at the pool.
We watched a great sunset together at the pool.

I love my days with Sabrina because every few weeks kids change and learn and have more to say. They can jump higher. They can swing on their own suddenly. Their feet are bigger. So I really enjoy being on her level and connecting with her during this time. It is ALSO completely and utterly exhausting! See, babies are physically exhausting because they need you to physically do everything for them. Teenagers are emotionally exhausting as they deal with hormones and real life – you’re constantly wondering what to say. One wrong word and you’re toast. Three year olds are both physically and emotionally exhausting making for a unique period in their childhood.

This was ALL her doing. I swear.
This was ALL her doing. I swear.

They make you question yourself and they are constantly moving. And not just moving – jumping, climbing, traversing. Often in the kitchen near heavy plates and hot stoves or flipping on beds while you wash dishes. Sabrina cried real tears one afternoon “because I don’t have any pretty shoes.” Are you freaking kidding me!? I own four pairs of shoes so she didn’t learn this from me. I’m baffled. Another day when I wouldn’t do what she wanted right away she frowned and said “Then you’re not my best friend anymore! Hmph!”  And as soon as I sit down its “Mom, I have to go potty,” and then telling me “You look old” on the way to the bathroom. Thanks kid. Now let me wipe your ass. Maybe next time I won’t catch you as you flip off the bed. That’ll teach you!

But I will. Catch her.

Three year olds also love unconditionally. And -no matter what they say – you are the center of their world and they want to please you. Their hugs are the tightest and best! Their little breath when they fall asleep in your arms – its SO good. They enjoy helping with the chores. See below picture. I’ve got a great dishwasher 🙂 She asked me to read her poems this week. ‘When We Were Very Young’ by A.A. Milne. A book I used to read to E & L.  And she laughed when it was time to laugh and asked for specific poems. It’s pretty amazing to watch things click in their little brains. One day they don’t get it. The next they do. Just like that. The brain cells connect and suddenly they can ride that bike or read that word.

She loves washing dishes!


There is something great about every age children are. They are pretty amazing. I love being a Mom to all my kids at every stage. Even when they call me old 🙂

Big Love ❤

Flying kites with Daddy :)
  Flying kites with Daddy 🙂
Kayaking with Mom and Dad. She can name at least 20 different kinds of marine life.
Kayaking with Mom and Dad. She can name at least 20 different kinds of marine life.