5 Big Reasons I Enjoy Living in Belize

The question was asked on Quora recently “Why do American’s enjoy living in Belize?” I thought it woud also make a great blog post for you all to read.

This American likes living in Belize for 5 main reasons. I recommend everyone live somewhere outside their home country for a little while at least. Its eye opening.

1. Life is more simple. Less traffic. More kindness. Less hurry. More friends and family. Less stuff and more doing things. Life here connects you to what really matters – people. Not things and prestigious awards like we are taught in the US. You make real connections and it feels good.

2. The food is better. A whole lot better. Cleaner. Easier to get fresh local food than in the US. And it’s often cheaper. (The imported boxed stuff from the states that is expensive.)

3. If you have kids – you have a village to help raise them. My village has taught my kids more than any suburb could ever about the real world and real people skills. They can fish. They can make tortillas. Speak Spanish. Speak Creole.

4. People are more friendly and genuine. You wonder less if someone is your friend for their own personal gain. Friendship is given and reciprocated without expectations attached.

5. The last one is hard to explain. When I go back my home town for a visit I am instantly reminded. But the US is a media freak fest. You don’t realize how intrusive all the marketing is until you leave it for a while. From the commercials on television to the number of stores to the billboards to pressure for everyone to perform at a high level for more income – it’s a real pressure that you can feel. It’s a vibe we don’t have here in Belize. It’s a pressure I don’t feel here. Every time you turn on the TV in the states you’re being sold something and told you’re not adequate enough. Every magazine cover and every ad target to our kids is selling something you don’t need and making you feel inadequate so you’ll buy it. If you don’t wear makeup you’re never going to be a cover girl. If you don’t have the newest little blue pill you won’t be confident enough for sex. If you don’t buy ABC mouse software for your kids they surely won’t ever be smart. And we can’ t have junior behind now can we? That would mean you are not a good parent. When you walk into a store (And I love my Target, don’t get me wrong) but when i walk in there now I see a bunch of shit I don’t need. I used to walk in and envy all the things I couldn’t buy. As Americans we are ingrained to think we need more stuff all the time – because if you don’t buy that cool stuff (you know the pillows with the cool lobster on them for $40 a pop) – well your house won’t be decorated right and what will the neighbors think? Or maybe I will even feel bad about myself because I don’t have all I want.

Living in Belize you learn to think differently about what really matters. When I see a cool set of something for the house – and I see that its $500 or $600 dollars – do you know what I think now? I think – you know – I could send three kids to school in Belize and change their lives with that amount of money. Suddenly that new whatever it was has no value to you anymore. Because buying it doesn’t create anything but a few dollars profit for a big box store anyway.

So those are the bare bones reasons my family and I like living in Belize. And other expats tell us similar things. Come down and see what it’s all about!