Expat Has Baby in Belize City Shocks Locals

Seriously should have been the headline in the paper the day I gave birth in Belize City.iPod 215 (2)

A suburban US raised white girl (I’m more like translucent but whatever) five months into her new Belize life daring to give birth in the meanest city in Belize. The only explanation for this happening must be I hadn’t been here long enough to know better –  my friends later told me. I was shocked to find out so many Belizeans actually leave Belize to give birth. They don’t trust their own system. And with some years behind me now – I know why.

I’ve had a rash of people lately asking me about expats having babies in Belize – so here’s the story.

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A Review :: Sunbreeze Hotel in San Pedro, Belize

San Pedro is full of great places to stay. Since we’ve been in Belize Barry and I have had the opportunity to stay at many different places on Ambergris Caye. Sometimes we take our children. And sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we want upscale. Sometimes we want to be in town near our friends. Continue reading A Review :: Sunbreeze Hotel in San Pedro, Belize

Life’s A Beach

Life’s a beach. Life’s a bitch. Life is usually both at the same time.

So we’ve been off in San Pedro –  The Big Island I like to call it. For it’s a hundred times bigger than my island. Thousands of times more populated. And so full of life. The sun shines brighter here. The friends flows endlessly here. The moments and memories of love amass. This is – after all – where I fell so madly in love with Barry ❤

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Testing, testing – 1, 2, 3

I’m doing some hard personal work right now. My ideas and thoughts and goals are being harshly challenged. And I’m running my own interference. The Universe has stood up – as if to challenge to my credibility. “Who are you to tell people about love and happiness?” “Let me test your true understanding with a few curve balls…” Continue reading Testing, testing – 1, 2, 3

11 Reasons to be Excited Southwest Airlines is Coming to Belize

Belize is a hot spot in the world right now. The booming little country sits atop many “World’s Best” lists for travelers, retiree’s, and families just like mine who want a different lifestyle. The English speaking country is bracing itself right now in the midst of its biggest tourism year – EVER. And the numbers are slated to continue rising.

As a native Texas, I could not be more excited that Southwest Airlines will begin flying to Belize. October 15, 2015 will be the beginning of my more frequent travel back to Texas. Even though airfare hasn’t been announced yet I can certainly tell you I will be switching from United to Southwest. Sorry, United. You’re just too difficult. And your baggage fees keep getting higher. And $275 to change a flight? Its just too much. Can’t wait to fire you, United. I bet I’m not alone.   Continue reading 11 Reasons to be Excited Southwest Airlines is Coming to Belize

Falling Coconuts or Fire. Whatever.

B and I were sitting on the bed last night a heard what we assumed was a coconut falling from the tree in front of the house. They make this really loud thud when they hit the ground. By the time they are ready to fall organically from the tree they are full of coconut water – and they are heavy. In fact, falling coconuts are responsible for about 5 deaths every year.

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