Life’s A Beach

Life’s a beach. Life’s a bitch. Life is usually both at the same time.

So we’ve been off in San Pedro –  The Big Island I like to call it. For it’s a hundred times bigger than my island. Thousands of times more populated. And so full of life. The sun shines brighter here. The friends flows endlessly here. The moments and memories of love amass. This is – after all – where I fell so madly in love with Barry ❤

Barry and I in 2010 on our trip to check out St. George’s Caye.
My marriage proposal in paradise!


If you haven’t heard of SanPedro – you should check it out. San Pedro sits on Ambergris Caye – the largest island in Belize. Named two years in a row by Trip Advisor as “Island of the Year” – out of the entire world’s islands. So, yeah, that means it’s a pretty cool place. And it serves as our home away from home. Its where we come to see friends. Pee in someone else’s pool. Day drink. It’s kind of like vacation in our own backyard.

Barry and Sabrina playing in the pool.
Barry and Sabrina playing in the pool.

This trip we took Sabrina and had – like – a real vacation. Five nights of family fun. We braved it with no nanny. I know – we’re getting very brave! And Sabrina is getting older and is slightly more reasonable these days. Threenagers are no joke ya’ll. Every family with toddlers should have a nanny. Or granny. Someone who helps navigate the insanity. So we ventured without our support to be together – just the three of us. Something we’ve never done before.  Barry was present and attentive and helpful – it was kind of awesome. We stayed at The Sunbreeze Hotel – which is a great choice for families. We played in the pool for hours on end. We laughed together. Ate together. Rested together. It was just what the doctor ordered. Calm. Rejuvenating. Togetherness. Some good old QT. (With a cutie!)

Little Bit was swimming like a fish!

Read more about our stay at Sunbreeze Hotel in San Pedro, Belize.

The view from our front door at Sunbreeze.

Being on vacation is also important research when you are in the hospitality business. Working in the industry can jade your view of vacation. We have to remind ourselves why people go on vacation and what they’re looking for. You forget those things when you don’t yourself take vacation. We forget the magic people see in new places – because it’s all we see. The magic is not in the everyday. The magic is in the new. In the moments of experiencing new things. The magic of vacation is often in the moments of just being quietly together.

Pool time with Mom!
Pool time with Mom!

The irony of our beautiful weekend lies in the wake of reality. In the sacrifice of letting go. While we’re making poolside memories and basking in the Caribbean sun, Emma is sending pictures of her in the dress she’s wearing to her first prom this weekend. Which I won’t be there for. *Heavy sigh* It’s hard to fully appreciate both joys -the joy of watching my 3 year old on vacation and the prom I’m only experiencing through FaceTime and pictures. My brain is torn between the beauty of both moments. The one I’m in presently, and the one I’m about to miss. Both equal in value. But only one I can physically attend. The other will live in pictures. And for that I’m thankful.

Emma getting ready for Prom!
Emma getting ready for Prom!

In life sometimes we make sacrifices we aren’t fully prepared to handle. Letting the girls move away is one of those sacrifices I knew I wouldn’t fully regret until I was too far in to turn around. I use the term regret selfishly. I don’t regret letting them go – I just didn’t realize how much it would hurt and for how long. That part I wish I could skip. But in those sacrifices , however, I’ve gained unimaginable friendships and certainly valuable pieces of life I’d never have found outside the sacrifice. So here we are. Caught between life’s great moments while trying to be continuously grateful and happy for it all. #LifesABeach

Somewhere in the middle of it all – the missing and the present, the here and the there – I remember the basic truth connecting us all. Connecting our moments over space and time. Connecting us to one another. Love. The vacation, the prom, the sacrifices, the pool splashing – are all about love. Truly wanting what’s best for each person in each moment. If we didn’t love so big and so deep nothing would ever hurt. And likewise we would never feel so good as we do connecting over a great vacation. Love in action is so big it is known from afar just as it is in person.

Having fun in the sun!
Having fun in the sun!

So, San Pedro, our meetings never seem to be in vain. I always gain a better understanding of love when we are together. You have a way with the heart, my friend. You never disappoint. Thank you for another encouraging visit!

Big Love ❤  -Ashley

PS-Here’s a short time lapse video of our Tropic Air flight from San Pedro to the mainland. Enjoy! 


3 thoughts on “Life’s A Beach”

  1. Thanks Ashley for this amazing post 🙂

    Caribbean has been a long time dream for me and now Belize is
    added to my bucket list.

    I absolutely love your story and your blog,
    your passion lights fires in countless hearts,
    of that I’m sure 🙂

    Love and light,
    Marko ‘X Ray Cat’


    1. Marko – I have been traveling and hadn’t had a chance to respond to your comment until now. THANK YOU for your kind words – they resonate with me and are appreciated. Please do come visit Belize. The country is beautiful and its people are too. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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