11 Reasons to be Excited Southwest Airlines is Coming to Belize

Belize is a hot spot in the world right now. The booming little country sits atop many “World’s Best” lists for travelers, retiree’s, and families just like mine who want a different lifestyle. The English speaking country is bracing itself right now in the midst of its biggest tourism year – EVER. And the numbers are slated to continue rising.

As a native Texas, I could not be more excited that Southwest Airlines will begin flying to Belize. October 15, 2015 will be the beginning of my more frequent travel back to Texas. Even though airfare hasn’t been announced yet I can certainly tell you I will be switching from United to Southwest. Sorry, United. You’re just too difficult. And your baggage fees keep getting higher. And $275 to change a flight? Its just too much. Can’t wait to fire you, United. I bet I’m not alone.  

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My love for Southwest began as a child. We lived in Austin but our extended family lived in El Paso. So every summer from 5 years old on my sister and I were put on the plane sans parents. Southwest Airlines. The attendants would seat us at the bulkhead and give us our peanuts and drinks first.  The anticipation of take-off and landing was always eased by their smiling faces and cheerful disposition. They escorted us on and off the plane and my parents never had anything to worry about – and neither did we. My sister and I looked forward to our Summer Southwest flights every year. We continued the tradition as adults for many years to go see our Grandparents.

So why is Southwest so great anyway?

What is all the hype about, you ask? I realize not everyone grew up in Texas and knows about the long great history of the airline. I mean, they don’t even have first class – so they can’t be that great. Can they? Oh, but they are. Sometimes – ease of use outweighs the amenities of a first class flight.

 11 Reasons to Fly Southwest to Belize

  1. Southwest is a People First company – and it shows. Every employee you come across is helpful, friendly and kind. Always. They are treated well, and in turn treat their customer well. No grumpy attendants annoyed that you asked for another drink.
  2. Giving back is a priority. Check out their charitable giving page here.  Have a non-profit? Did you know they above hundreds of complimentary flights to those raising funds for good causes? Family illnesses require lots of travel? Write into their board and ask for a discount. In 2015 $3.2 million in free transportation is being provided to more than 100 hospitals and organizations. Good Karma all around.
  3. FREE baggage up to Two 50 pound bags.
  4. No additional fees for changing tickets. Did you hear me! NO ADDITIONAL FEES. This is music to a traveling mother’s ears.
  5. Wi-Fi in all planes
  6. Live TV
  7. Country specific music playlists via Beats learn more about the music where you are traveling.
  8. Southwest.com is the 2nd largest travel site in the world! You can only book a ticket through their website – this keeps fees low and simple. No Expedia, no kayak, no wondering if you got the best rate.
  9. Southwest is the #1 carrier in the United States. #1 people! This obviously means frequent travelers and novices alike feel the difference.
  10. No assigned seating. You can pay a small fee and upgrade your boarding number.
  11. And the Kicker – They still give peanuts!! Enough Said.

Simplicity, friendliness and ease of use. That’s why I choose Southwest. For the 30+ years I have been flying with this airline they have yet to disappoint. And now that they are connecting the two places I love most – Texas and Belize – they can count on my business for another 30 years.

Congrats, Southwest! Belize will treat you well. Good choice! Beginning October 15, 2015 Southwest will fly daily* from Houston-Hobby International Airport to Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport. Counting down the days. This will be a game changer not only for my life but also for this little country I love, Belize. The addition of such a successful airline with typically lower rates will undoubtedly bring larger tourist numbers to Belize.

“Service to Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport in Belize City, Belize, adds a second destination in Central America, a seventh country, and the 96th city on the Southwest route map.”

I am so excited!! Can you tell? 🙂

Read more about life in Belize and follow along for the latest and greatest in Belize!



18 thoughts on “11 Reasons to be Excited Southwest Airlines is Coming to Belize”

  1. So looking forward to it. Southwest airline is based in Chicago(Midway)Whoopi! !! Straight flight from there (even just once a week ) would BE AWESOME. Have been flying Southwest for years and love them. Will put my trust in them for continued great service to Belize and great FARES.lol Bye Delta,American, United. … Truly been hoping this would happen one day.


    1. Stephanie – I know to start they will fly direct from Houston Hobby -daily. And hopefully be so successful they expand adding one way from Chicago as well. 🙂


  2. SWA is great – too bad (#5) wifi and (36) TV won’t be working – once out of USA range .. still leaves 9 good reasons to fly SWA … hope the point values and fares are reasonable


  3. OMG!!! I am so excited to hear this. SW is my favorite airline by far!!! I was thrilled when SW started flying to Mexico and the Caribbean. I few last year to San Juan and just booked a flight to Mexico yesterday. Now if they start a non-stop out of Denver I will be over the moon!!


  4. Had it up to here with both United and American….especially United. We love Belize, and we love SW, so we are so excited that SW will be flying us there on our next visit!

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