Falling Coconuts or Fire. Whatever.

B and I were sitting on the bed last night a heard what we assumed was a coconut falling from the tree in front of the house. They make this really loud thud when they hit the ground. By the time they are ready to fall organically from the tree they are full of coconut water – and they are heavy. In fact, falling coconuts are responsible for about 5 deaths every year.

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We both startled a tad when we heard this one. It was exceptionally loud. Then a few minutes later we heard another. Then another. But we didn’t think too much of it. We fell asleep and I kept waking up thinking I heard it again. Then finally I jumped up out of sleep loudly and got Barry’s attention. He went outside and didn’t see anything. He had to have been slightly annoyed. We’d had a bit of fun yesterday with some friends that came out to St. George’s from the big island. So we’d had some drinks and sun and we were both totally wiped out.  We went back to sleep. But something kept waking me up despite. Then 2:12am (I had to look at the time thinking this shit was getting a bit nutty) it woke me up again plus I smelled something burning! Barry got up again and went outside. He went downstairs and walked the property. Nothing. As he came back up the stairs he saw it. A spark coming from our AC unit. When he came inside and turned on the lights he grabbed his radio and called Carlos. He hadn’t said anything to me yet so I got up and got dressed. All the time mentally gathering my things so I could grab the necessities quickly in case our house was on fire.

No fire department here. Just fire extinguishers and buckets.

Carlos came over and cut the power to that part of the house. It was a close call. Thank goodness it kept waking me up or something may have actually caught on fire. The wires had burnt a hole through the wire insulation and were sparking and popping. A contractor isn’t needed to know that’s a bad thing.

The moral of the story is too much island rum can make the sound of live wires popping sound just like falling coconuts! Nature is cruel. And now my room/office is hot. At least it’s not summertime!

The craziness continues! Big Love!

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