Work and Parenting ….

“Wherever you are doing it, I am somewhere doing it too. We are together even when we’re not.” -Barry (the Hubster)

I must get in the habit of writing more. So many things have been going on I would love to tell you all about. When I do sit to write it is difficult to pick one or two things to talk about 🙂 So this blog will be an update on the family and resort, then I will write the more editorial piece that’s in my head about living in “Paradise”. Then perhaps during my few day off I can write the “Raising Kids in a Village” and “Learning how to go from almost never seeing your husband to living and working together 24/7”   Hahaha…

As I mentioned before, Barry and I have a few insanely needed days off. We are so tired and worn down are bodies are getting sick and our patience is wearing thin. The fantastic upside to this ailing we both feel is the the Resort is more successful than it has ever been. February with only 28 days yielded the highest guest nights in the history of  St. George’s Caye Resort. BOOM! It has been two years and 3 months since Barry came to start working here in Belize. (I have been here just under two years.) Not bad. My hubster is a genius; a master at social networking and managment. He has taught me so much about how to treat people, including myself. And he does that with the young men and women who work here. When you can inspire and empower others I believe the whole world is drawn to you. So it seems, our guests who pay to come stay with us can feel this too. And in case you want to read it for yourself check us out on TRIP ADVISOR 🙂 Ignore the review about “managment holding us hostage”…. that was nothing…. 😉

Emma is gearing up for High School already! I get the chills typing the words. Mi primero nina! My first baby. Life is so bitter sweet. I’m trying to deny it and I tried to “forget” to sign her applications for HS but she kept peskily reminding me. She is so excited. And we are excited with her. Learning how to navigate a completely new educational system has been a challenge and learning about HS curriculum has snuck up on us as we were JUST getting used to the Elementry level. She is taking HS entrance exams next week and then another in April. In Belize HS is not for every child; it is not affordable to all nor required by the government (if I understand correctly). Emma is succeeding in classes very well, and even learning to enjoy some of the subjects she found cumbersome earlier in the year. She has made some of the neatest friends from school who have so kindly opened up and let her into their cirlce like they have known her for years. *Such a young lady you are now, Miss Emma. Your mother is SO proud of you 🙂

Lilly has been busy getting involved in school activities including band (playing keyboard), participating in the spoken word elocution contest, and recently entering a nationwide virtual city design competition. The competition is actually quite involved. It requires 6 or 7 training sessions on how to use the design software to create the virtual city, and how to incorporate social services into their plans. Check it out at Lilly has also made some very cool friends at school who encourage her and share some of her interests. I really enjoy when her friends Quincy and Jordan come over; getting to watch them talk about writing screen plays and becoming young directors all  while saving  the unfortunate animals of the world 🙂 I love your scense of caring, Lillian!

Sabrina Bella is 19 (almost 20) months old. She is the littelest light of our family. A tiny ball of 20 pound goodness. She repeats (in baby talk of course) every word we say, english or spanish. She talks in both languages every day, even sometimes saying mixed phrases like “Agua please” or she will reverse it and say “Porfa wawa” (Por favor water) She is basically potty training herself. WAHOO! Mom likes this alot. She tells me daily she needs to go and wakes up dry most mornings (I just need to get her nanny a little better on board with encouraging her to go… but anyway…) We are a short time away from big girl panties!!! Ok, I am done with the potty talk 🙂 THIS KID is so loved by our resort staff who have watched her grow from infancy. I caught Eli wipping her runny nose the other day and his brother Elbin talks to her in Spanish everday so she can learn the language. She calls our dive master, Jose, “Poppi” because his daughter works here too and Beena hears him being called that all the time. When the staff meals are ready the chef says “Pick-Up” and when Beena hears it she RUNS to the door to get food. Hahah, textbook Pavlov’s dogs. I just love the toddler mind. It truly fascinates me to watch her grow and change daily.

Our island life continues… One day at a time. BIG LOVE.

(I was going to add photos but it is rainy today and our “high speed” internet is on the fritz. Will upload when I can.)

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