Christmas in Belize

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from Belize! We enjoyed a warm, sunny day on the island with our family, including Barry’s mother, Cyndy, and son, Seth! The resort was bustling and busy with happy guests taking in the warm sunshine, so Barry and I did have to work some. We opened presents, played violins, put together bikes, discovered we didn’t have the right parts for Sabrina’s toy (not that she seemed to care) and baked Grandma’s coffee cake, twice! It was so good we had to make a 2nd batch. Nothing like the smell of coffee cake to remind me of home!

Lilly, Barry and Sabrina put together Lilly bike, I apparently didn’t get a picture of it all together. It is a beach bike with big wheels and a big basket on the front. She has been riding it all over the island. Christmas day she rode without shoes (it’s been a while so i gave her some slack on this one) and sliced her foot open. Not too bad, but she’s still riding through the pain. 🙂
Emma was thrilled to receive the electric violin she’s been wanting for a year! She graciously handed over the “old” one to Lilly and fell in love with the black electric. Watch out Lindsey Stirling! (She’s a hip violinist, YouTube her, she’s amazing!) I came out of my room to the sounds of TWO violins being played and was SO LUCKY to snap this shot. As soon as they saw me with the camera they stopped playing.

Sabrina enjoyed everything. The bows, ripping paper, throwing paper and climbing in and out and in and out of Lilly and Emma’s boats. She enjoyed her first coffee cake, and loved it of course.

Above is Sabrina and Daddy opening a present together. We didn’t get many pics of Barry or Seth but we did enjoy having some family around for the Holidays. Seth will be here until mid January and Mimi went home to Texas yesterday.

Left is Sabrina and her Mimi (Barry’s Mom)

Right is me, a brief moment in the Santa Cap caught on film 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wishing you all Big Love in the new year.

And now, for your entertainment viewing pleasure, may I present Miss Beena Bella in a little Christmas dance….

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