Lion fish stings, tattoos and more!

Getting these kids to school is a village effort.

This week has been interesting. I learned from the older girls that when the teacher says “bristol board” she means poster board. And when she says “blanks” she means composition book. I tell you what, we all speak English here but sometimes I have no idea what Belizeans are saying. :/  Catching on slowly but surely.

We have finished our 3rd week of school. And I say we because this is a whole new ballgame for Barry and I as well; organizing transportation by boat and car, learning what is expected of the parents, and making sure they all have the right project materials on the right days because WE CANT JUST DRIVE TO WALGREENS and pick up whatever they need. We are learning to plan ahead, but mostly to be FLEXIBLE (or maybe I mean patient!?). Most days all is well with the logisitcs of this whole process; other days it just sucks. The boat ride messes up your hair every time, “bristol board” presentations flop around, its wet sometimes and the ocean is beautiful but when its splashing onto the clothes you have to wear all day, es no bueno. But most days riding the boat is twenty minutes of fresh air, relaxing scenery, not much talking and provides a relaxing experience. Almost like a mini meditation period before we get to the busy activities of the city. We are now boat-pooling to school with a family who lives down the beach, and their son is actually in Lilly’s class. In another blog I will talk about why this is so cool. The Bischof Family takes the kids to school and usually we bring them home in the afternoon. The picture is of all five students on the neighbor’s boat heading off to study hard.  Our shared desire, as their parents, for the children to be educated  broke down barriers and has brought together people from very different backgrounds and countries, and strengthened our tiny community. It feels good. For some reason the universe has brought our families together 🙂

SO PROUD of these two young ladies!!

We had a guest at the resort who got THREE tattoos while sitting on the beach. I’ve asked around and this is definately a first. We have guests who ask for ALL kinds of things/services but never tattoos. Here is John with tattoo artist, Fish.

Barry got stung by a lion fish, right on the knukle of his thumb. We hunt them. Well, Barry hunts them. I watch. Lion fish are good to eat but hard to kill without being stung by one of its poisonous spines. They are not native to the Caribbean and although beautiful these fish are destroying the ecosystem of the reef because they eat, swallow whole rather, the juvenile fish. So there is a big push to kill them in Belize and surrounding countries. It is hard to tell but his thumb and whole left hand are huge swollen!

Sabrina is now 14 months. She says mama, dada, papa, up, down, ojo, Lili (for Lilly), she says “Emma” which sounds like mama, and she says NO. In sign language she now tries to say two words together mostly with the word “please”; up please, down please, milk please (her favorite…she is still not totally weaned), change diaper, more milk. She runs. And stands on her tip-toes to try and reach anything she can get her little fingers on. She loves boxes of all sizes. And putting my clothes around her neck. She needs CONSTANT suppervision, haha. This girl.
Finally getting some hair growing 🙂 These are
some of her first little pigtails!!!!
Always on the move!

 Top left picture she is 13 months, top right she is 14 months. And clearly the picture in the middle Sabrina is having some playtime with Daddy 🙂 Those two are so in love with each other it makes my heart melt. Never gets old watching them play together. <3<3<3

Love to All,

Barry ansd Ashley

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