The Week in Pictures

These are some pictures we took over the week. Another glimpse into our world here.
This was taken on Tuesday when our boat home malfunctioned and we had to be towed back to the resort. Luckily we were not too far away. The girls got out their homeowrk while we were waiting. Love 😉
Monday was St. George’s Caye Day in Belize. It is a national Holiday.
Sabrina has taken to “reading” books. She loves to get them out and talk to them as she turns the pages. Sometimes she climbs into her chair to read, sometimes she will bring the books to us to read to her, and she will sign the word “please” whileholding up the book.
Emma andLilly were so graciously trying to dress Sabrina after her bath, but she was not having any of it. Haha.
This is Sophia, Karina, Lilly and the baby is Julianna. We dock our boat at the Princess Hotel and Casino and have made a few friends there. The older girls go to school together, and we have known the baby since Sabrina was born, she’s several months older. This is out back by the pool of the hotel.
One of the most beautiful sunrises i have ever seen. The beauty around us always amazes me.
I went to lay Beena in her bed and found Alley, the cat, already made herself comfortable in there! These two love each other.

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