This past Saturday we were invited to watch the Carnival parade at a friends house in the City. Barry and I gladly accepted the invitation and took the older girls with us. (Since we didn’t know what to expect we decided to leave Sabrina at home) Our gracious hosts were friends of Barry’s from Rotary and, we discovered this week, the parents of Emma’s new friend at school 🙂  It is a small place here in Belize, and it feels more and more like “home” as our social lives begin to evolve and we settle into a more “normal” way of life that is not solely centered around work and the resort. Balance.

Back to Carnival….this was fun! This was my first time seeing anything of its kind. The closest I have been to something like the Carnival parade has to be ACL Fest in Austin. Lots of people, a variety of music, great outfits, and lots of booze. Some of the costumes were so detailed and so big! Many of the larger costumes actually sit on wheels so different people can wear it, and pull it around. Too heavy for one person to go for miles, which is how long the parade route is. Every now and again as the people passed by dancing and playing music I would recognize a face, which was fun! And when you are a tall white woman in Belize people remember you, too! So it was fun to say hello to familiar faces.
I think the girls had a good time. They only only appeared briefly to get something to eat or drink, and then were off with the other students. Or hiding in a corner. Either way they seemed to enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to Michael and Ninette for a great Carnival!

(I am pretty sure you can click any of the pictures to see them larger)

 B and I hanging out and enjoying the day.
By the time the parade got to where we were
they were all so tired. It was HOT!

Beautiful colors, beautiful people.


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