Home from a Texas Visit

All three girls and I traveled back home to the island this past Sunday. It is always a bit difficult to leave Texas. Leaving is like taking off a bandaid; You can do it slowly, draw it out as to not endure too much pain, or you can rip it off quickly which will make you tear up but the pain doesn’t last as long. This time was ripping. I’ve done the slow peeling, the saying goodbye for days and wishing I had more time. Life is too short. Take the moment you have and enjoy it. Remember the smell, the feel of the laughter, the friendship….it all has very real energy and power. But if we don’t focus on it, even for the brief moment during which we acknowledge it, we can never feel it.

The children and I all enjoyed so many wonderful friends and family members while we were in Texas. For this I am so grateful. I have learned so much packing up and moving to another country. One thing I have learned that surprised me has been how little I miss and remember about the things we left behind, and how deeply I miss the people we left in Texas. I knew Barry and I had some first class friends as well as incredible family members. But true love, even if simply in friendship, surpases distance and time. What a beautiful thing love is. May everyone know and feel loved like we do.

We are still very much in transition back to Belizean life. I have learned not to put any expectations on our first few days either leaving Belize, or returning. Each place has some stark differences that even adults I know have a difficult time with. So this week the older girls are setteling into their rooms and reaquanting themselves with a more tranquil world that has niether shopping malls nor 24/7 texting capabilities. Ha. Sabrina has bounced back like she never left. True Belizean style this girl has. I am very thankful to be home with my family together.

Here are a few pictures from our homecomming.  

Estel grabbed Beena straight off the boat 🙂
Playtime with Dad.
When our boat arrived at the island Sapo had drinks
waiting for us, just like we do for our guests! There was
even a bottle with punch for Sabrina!! We missed our staff
and they missed us too.
Familia. 🙂


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