I thought I’d start by introducing some of the crazy characters of our stories … The Family!

I’m Ashley, or mom, and my hunky husband is affectionately known as the old man, daddy, Boss, B or Barry. We have a total of 4 kids. Seth, 22,  lives in Austin, TX while he finishes his Anthropology degree. He is Barry’s son from his first marriage. Seth is a wonderful young man!  Next up are Emma now 13, and Lillian,11, who are my biologicals’. They live in Belize with us along with baby Sabrina. Yes, a baby. Thirteen months. Born, and so far raised, on this tiny island we call home. Last, we have Alley the cat. Alley is a special feline who has traveled from Austin to Belize with us and has adjusted to island life quite well. Like she was meant to be here. She’ll give me some stories to tell for sure.

We happily reside on an island 7 miles from Belize City called St.George’s Caye. Barry and I manage the St.George’s Caye Resort, for roughly 1.5 years now. It is beautiful here.  The ocean views never tire. The sunset rarely disappoints. Even the rain dances for us. I imagined big things for my life, but I honestly did not ever think I would  live, work and raise my children on a tropical island in a foreign country. We live a dream. And we are vigilant to remember this.  That said, haha…. We do LIVE and WORK and raise children here in this paradise life we live. So naturally it’s not all sun-bathing topless and drinking rum punch all day.

Welcome to our stories.  🙂
Big Love.

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